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An opportunity for Americans to show up for each other and for the country we love

National Week of Conversation returns April 15 - 21, 2024!

National Week of Conversation 2024 will be hosted April 15 – 21, 2024.  The Listen First Coalition of bridge building partners are currently working hard to plan the programs and activities that will be featured that week. Please check back here (on this website) in early 2024 to see the events and experiences that will be offered, and find ways to get involved.

In the meantime, check out Citizen Connect to view a robust calendar of opportunities to participate in bridge building events occurring on a daily basis. Also be on the lookout for events affiliated with National Day of DialogueCivic Learning Week, and Civic Season.

Thank you for supporting the  movement to heal divides in America. We are grateful for your engagement and support.

What is National Week Of Conversation?

National Week of Conversation was created for those exhausted by division and hatred. You’re invited to bring your passion for issues in an environment where you can be heard. We welcome all Americans, across our many differences, into conversations that can rekindle relationships and help us relearn how to be the “we” we know we can be.

Problem: We are breaking apart. The way we demonize each other because of our different beliefs – what we call “toxic polarization” – is a huge threat to our families, communities, and country. It’s increasingly hitting close to home causing breakdown from the dinner table to family vacation, from the workplace to worship services. We must reverse this trend! 

Solution: Large scale opportunity for creating connection.
Experts around the globe endorse guided, face-to-face conversation across differences as one of the most powerful tools available to remove the biases, stereotypes, and misperceptions before they have the opportunity to rip societies apart. By engaging 1:1 and in small groups, we remind ourselves that the “other” is – just like us – a person with family, friends, hopes, fears, values, and worth. National Week of Conversation provides a simple, powerful, and proven opportunity for Americans to gain this fresh and healing perspective – either directly or vicariously.

See a category below that falls within your line of work or interests? We have created different working groups to get you connected with a team with the similar values! Learn how you can be a part of the conversation by following the links below. 

Faces of the Movement Testimonials

NWoC Testimony

"More and more, the research in psychology and neuroscience is showing that when people try to understand the perspective of others...a bridge is created. People unify around shared concerns." - Kayla, Georgia

NWoC Testimony

"At the end of the day, conservatives, independants, liberals, we wouldn't be so invested in politics if we didn't care about our country and want to make it better." -Rehm, Louisiana

"We need to hear from you. We want your perspective. We need it." -Rev. Marian Edmonds Allen

Each person who listens first to understand tips the scales from division and contempt toward connection and understanding. Will you join us? "I will listen first to understand."

What We Ask of YOU:

Become a Partner

NWOC is a platform for those exhausted by division and hatred to lean in to mobilize change. We invite all Americans to bring their passion for issues and concerns for our future into an environment of curiosity, empathy and listening across differences.

Events and experiences will be hosted between April 15-21, 2024 by organizations like yours committed to bridging divides. The skills learned and opportunities presented will inspire conversations that can rekindle relationships in our homes, communities and workplaces. We have a three-tier model of how organizations can become partners, from hosting an NWOC Signature Event to being a cross-promotional partner. 

Express your interest in becoming a partner and learn more below. 

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