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Welcome to all who want to better understand and engage our differences respectfully. This space is especially created for people of faith. It offers resources for those who share concerns about the divides we see in our communities and places of worship, and desire to learn or engage with other people of faith in answering a call to help heal our divides and toward a common good.

Our places of worship are natural gathering places for people who share some common beliefs and who also differ remarkably in terms of life experiences and perspectives. As people of faith, we are often on the front lines of a wide range of issues, from homelessness to protecting religious liberty. We are regularly looked to for guidance or direction, and asked to serve as mediators and peacemakers in times of crisis. This places us in conversations on and within important and often divisive political, social, and cultural debates.

National Week of Conversation offers opportunities to engage in these challenging topics in a manner grounded in respect and a sense of belonging. It provides opportunities to learn and demonstrate what is possible when people of varying faiths or spiritual paths engage in conversation with others within their own faith tradition or across faiths to share stories and experiences without fear of judgment or persecution.


Ways to Partner:

1. Explore how our partner organizations equip faith and lay leaders to address the effects of America’s divisions in their congregations and communities:
– One America Movement’s Faith Over Division course covers the symptoms and drivers of division, walks you through evaluating division in your community, and provides you with resources to start working on healing the divides you face.
– Invite your congregation and others in your community to “dinner and a movie” with one of several films that will inspire a deeper desire to connect across our differences. Options include Dialogue Lab: AmericaThe Abortion Talks, and PURPLE.

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