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The flourishing, functional democracy of tomorrow requires that today’s students are provided with a solid foundation to develop the skills that will allow them to effectively collaborate across lines of disagreement. National Week of Conversation 2023 saw students, parents, policy-makers, teachers, and school board members participate in courageous conversations and learn how to lead this work in K-12 schools across the country. Developing the ability to engage across differences of perspectives and values reinforces core educational goals while positioning students to become effective leaders and constructive participants in a resilient and thriving democracy tomorrow.

Our collective of local, state, and national non-profits collaborating towards the National Week of Conversation invite you to share stories of bridging happening in K-12 spaces where you live and work. We also invite you to check out the inspirational stories and resources linked below.

Path to Bridging:

We hosted a panel discussion where distinguished professionals described how to develop bridge-building skills and dispositions that equipped students to collaborate across different perspectives. Learn how you can enhance your work to the next level!

What is Bridging?

We collected stories from educators about how bridging exists in their communities and classrooms. Check out the experiences from four educators!

Healing Divides in Our Communities and How to Do It?

We hosted a showcase event for students, educators, and community members who embark on a conversation to share their stories and explore core bridging skills. Learn how to use Curiosity, Listening, and Empathy to bring people together.


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