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There are three ways that organizations can join as a partner for the National Week of Conversation: Co-Creators, Hosting Partners, and Promotional Partners. We also have various sponsors.



Co-Creators work alongside each other to develop the mobilization strategies that help bring National Week of Conversation to fruition. Nine working groups meet regularly and are organized around these key social sectors: K-12 Education, Higher Education, Faith Communities, Workplaces, Elected Officials, Community Leaders and Organizations, Libraries, Museums and Historic Sites, and Media.

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Hosting Partners

Hosting Partners commit to hosting an event during the National Week of Conversation. NWOC provides an opportunity to connect the type of events you are already doing, and loop them into a national narrative for additional amplification. This event can either be in person or online, and Listen First will provide you with the resources to get your event posted on Citizen Connect, our common calendar system, for additional amplification.

Promotional Partners

All partners help promote National Week of Conversation with assistance of a comprehensive toolkit. Utilize your own channels to drive participation in the National Week of Conversation. This tier is great for organizations that are passionate about bringing Americans together, but may not have the resources to host an event or participate in co-creation.

To become a partner, email Lizzy Becker ( to learn more.

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