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How can business leaders, managers, and employees address conflicts and divisions, while cultivating thriving workforces?

Whether you work inside or outside the home, whether you commute for an hour or just down the street, and whether your co-workers number one or a million and one, you spend a good deal of your week “at work.” Among the various challenges we face at work, conflict seems inescapable, and therefore we can all benefit when we foster workplaces that can manage disagreement constructively. 

National Week of Conversation offers FREE daily events and learning opportunities designed specifically for workplaces. We invite you and  your workforce to learn and practice skills that will help reduce the divisions tearing our country, communities, and even our workplaces apart. 

Who are NWoC Workplace Sector events for?
• All kinds of workplaces
• Employees, leaders, boards
• Teams: HR, communications, DEI, ESG or across the organization

Why participate?
• Improve communication and collaboration
• Equip employees to handle conflict and practice mutual respect
• Build better relationships in and across teams.

See Who's Involved

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